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Safari Storybook Stickers/Tags - 16 Count

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Tine tags are programmable stickers, that work with the TINE app. 

Take any children's book and add your voice to it, with TINE’s recordable stickers.  It’s as simple as sticking a TINE Sticker on your book, scanning the sticker with your phone and recording your voice. TINE Stickers have the potential to transform a storybook into an interactive experience, with your grandchild or new baby in your family. When your little one receives the book and scans the sticker, they will be able to hear your voice reading the book out loud. Its an easy way to make the experience personal, even when you may not be there. You can even insert your own heartfelt messages to make it feel more special.

Perfect for: 

  • Grandparents/relatives who live far away
  • Military, Navy, Army, personnel stationed abroad who want to read to their children
  • Busy parents who want to read to their kids even when they can't be there

Product Details 

  • Size: 2" x .1" 
  • Quantity: 16 Stickers
  • Color - various colors with small animals, including monkeys, lions, hippos, and elephants

Quick Instructions

  • Stick - add a tine tag to something like a children's book
  • Scan - use the free tine App to scan a tag with your smartphone
  • Record - transform a book into a recordable storybook by adding link to a video that's already on your phone, or record your voice directly on the app
  • When someone scans the tag with the tine app, your message instantly plays and you get notified

 Additional Information 

  • Made in the USA
  • Materials: Paper with plastic coating and sticker adhesive
  • Record and embed custom message into unique sticker code using free “Tine Tag” app
  • Great for personalizing greeting cards, for use on scavenger hunts, and providing household/classroom instructions
  • "Tine” app available on Apple Store and Google Play
  • App compatible with Apple iOS and Android
  • Messages easily viewed by recipient using “Tine” app
  • Customizable privacy settings allow you to control who can scan and view message
  • Each sticker allows for 60-90 seconds of video or 15 minutes of audio
  • Can use existing audio/video or record live
  • Easy to re-record or change message remotely at any time
  • Flexible and compact sticker easily adheres onto almost all surfaces
  • Dimensions: Each tag is 0.66" x 1.75"
  • Weight: 0.2 lb.


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